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Eye of Nazar, Fruits 20 or Bells, the most popular Hölle Games are all available on Classic games revisited, quality graphics, with this up and coming German publisher, players are assured of an immersive and entertaining adventure. Discover a sample of their catalogue with

Hölle Games: A Success Story "Made in Germany"

Created in 2017, Hölle Games has become one of the leading providers of slot machines for online casinos in just a few years. This rapid growth is due to a talented team, consisting of rigorous developers, experienced designers, and marketing experts.

Based in Berlin, this publisher proudly carries the "Made in Germany" brand, displayed everywhere on their website as well as their marketing campaigns. This approach demonstrates their pride in offering high-end slot machines, designed in Germany.

Today, Hölle Games's offerings are available worldwide, and Switzerland is no exception. You can find your favorite games on

Did you know? Hölle Games takes its name from the German word "Spielhölle," meaning "game room."

The World of Games Produced by Hölle Games

In the world of online casinos, everyone knows that Hölle Games is a developer of innovative slot machines. The publisher is committed to refreshing classics by combining them with modern, fun themes.

Hölle Games distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering an immersive gaming experience. For this, the publisher relies on highly engineered graphics, meticulous animations, and quality soundtracks.

Hölle Games's innovation is also evident in the original bonus features offered on their slot machines. The "Epic Mode" opens the way to higher bets. The "Search Mode" rewards players with free spins and gain multipliers. Finally, the "Combo Mode" offers players a chance to maximize gains with successive victories. These innovative additions transform the gaming experience, providing players with more entertaining and rewarding games.

This positioning largely explains Hölle Games's growing popularity among online casino enthusiasts.

The Best Hölle Games Slot Machines Available at GAMRFIRST

Here is a selection of the best Hölle Games slot machines available at the Swiss online casino

Eye of Nazar

Protect yourself from the evil eye by playing the highly successful Eye of Nazar!

In oriental culture, an evil look can lead to a terrible curse. To protect oneself from evil, ward off bad luck, and maintain good fortune, there is only one solution: wearing an eye amulet, or "nazar." Hölle Games's game, Eye of Nazar, is based on this belief and is a 5x3 slot machine with 10 high-volatility paylines.

With its highly detailed graphics and innovative bonuses, Eye of Nazar is one of this German publisher's most successful titles. The soundtrack offers an engaging musical score that perfectly complements the theme, delighting online casino players!


Come ring the bell and try to win the jackpot! Hölle Games's Bells slot machine embodies the timeless charm of classic 5-reel games. It offers a fruity palette composed of cherries, oranges, plums, and many other symbols promising tantalizing games. The climax of excitement? The bell, a lucrative symbol par excellence.

Free of frills or jokers, this game elegantly embraces simplicity, offering a captivating experience for slot machine enthusiasts. Every detail, from colors to design to music, is meticulously crafted.

Don't delay in exploring the enchanting world of Bells, available now at

Holla Die Waldfee

Ready to explore an enchanted forest and meet magical fairies? Holla die Waldfee and its numerous winnings await you on

Released in 2021, this 5-reel slot machine, with 25 paylines, will surprise you with its stunning graphics. Players enjoy numerous features including free spins, jokers, and two optional mini-games to increase their winnings.

Holla Die Waldfee is undoubtedly one of the biggest successes of Hölle Games.

Hollische Sieben

With Hollische Sieben, Hölle games brilliantly revisited one of the great classics of slot machines. Among grapes, lemons, oranges, plums, cherries, and watermelons, the game offers a traditional, unsurprising experience but of undeniable quality. The infernal 7, a scatter symbol, adds suspense to each spin. The Card Gamble and Ladder Gamble options bring new opportunities to multiply winnings.

With this online game, Hölle Games pays retro tribute to the casino. A true gem to discover at

Jolly Wild

Not a big fan of clowns? Jolly Wild may make you change your mind! This 5-reel slot machine offers a unique experience with its fixed 10 paylines, sleek graphics, and captivating sound effects.

Beneath its apparently simplistic appearance, like with all Hölle Games's offerings, lies a multitude of features that add excitement to your gaming experience. Don't be fooled by its looks and immerse yourself in the joyful universe of Jolly Wild, where each spin promises fun and amusement!

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