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Gamanza has a special place in the online casino landscape. Innovative, focused on a niche market, the provider offers an immersive catalog, in line with mobile games. Discover with

Who is Gamanza?

Gamanza Group AG was founded in 2019. In just a few years, the publisher has become the leading platform provider in the Swiss iGaming market.

While headquartered in Switzerland, the company also has a presence in Malta where it has its main sales office. It has teams in several European countries. It currently employs 60 developers, system architects, UX designers, engineers, quality assurance, and project managers in Slovenia and Costa Rica.

"Everything is possible" is Gamanza's motto. The company boldly displays its ambitions.

The world of Gamanza games

In the ultra-competitive world of iGaming, industry players strive to captivate a new generation of players. These players, seeking originality and thrills, aim to experience extraordinary gaming experiences. In this context, they aspire to innovative formats that challenge conventions and habits.

Gamanza has perfectly grasped this trend by reviving arcade games, as well as Crash-style games. The aesthetics of its titles, inspired by these universes, are a visual delight. With their perfectly executed graphics, lively animations, they capture attention from the first glance. The addition of impactful sound effects and the increasing tension of multipliers transform each gaming session into an immersive adventure. This sensation-rich experience is increasingly reminiscent of mobile gaming, thus appealing to a wide audience.

In conclusion, with its targeted catalog, Gamanza brilliantly responds to this desire for simplicity while allowing for moments of excitement. Its accessible games, designed to offer instant gains, are met with resounding success.

The best Gamanza online games available at GAMRFIRST

Here is a selection of the best Gamanza online games, accessible on the Swiss online casino

Air Racer

Take off with Air Racer, the latest sensation from the Gamanza development studio. This innovative game marks a first in the world of online Crash Games in Switzerland.

Certified by Gaming Associates Europe, a renowned independent inspection and testing organization. Air Racer thus guarantees a gaming experience that is both safe and exciting. Available notably on, this game is specially designed for the regulated Swiss market. Only bets in Swiss Francs (CHF), ranging from CHF 0.1 to CHF 15, are possible.

In Air Racer, players are invited to predict the multiplier the plane will reach before crashing. With its various features, such as multiple betting options, withdrawal, or automatic play, Air Racer delivers on all its promises.

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Wanted 5

Immerse yourself in the adventure with Wanted 5, a flagship creation of Gamanza transporting you to the heart of the Wild West. Here, cowboys, Stetson hats, spirited horses, smoking Colts, or ruthless bandit faces come together to create a unique atmosphere.

Wanted 5 is not just a shooting game, it's also a dive into the world of the Wild West. The graphics, of a quality worthy of the best comics, combine with a soundtrack evoking Hollywood's great western classics. Each level crossed brings you closer to victory, with multipliers to trigger with a skilled shot. For the luckiest, capturing all the bandits will allow you to enjoy an exhilarating bonus game.

To experience an adventure in the wild lands of the American West, don't miss Wanted 5.

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