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Buffalo Toro, Nitropolis, or even Book of Sam, the best games produced by ELK Studios are available on Dive into a post-apocalyptic world populated by wild creatures or embark on a quest through the pyramids of Egypt. Whatever your choice, the Northern-based developer ensures thrilling gaming experiences, always pushing the boundaries of originality. Let's take a closer look with

ELK Studios: the online casino games publisher from the cold

ELK Studios was founded in 2012 in Sweden, specifically in Stockholm. It is notably a breeding ground for online game publishers. The following year, the fledgling company launched its first slot machine onto the market. The success was promising, offering bright prospects for the future. ELK Studios spares no effort to provide players with innovative, but above all original, experiences. In the world of online casinos, the Scandinavian publisher quickly establishes itself as a quality provider, with a catalog featuring meticulously crafted graphics. It indeed offers numerous features, as well as high volatility.

In 2017, ELK Studios set up shop in Malta, joining numerous other publishers who have chosen to reside on this Mediterranean island. The company then obtained all the necessary licenses before venturing into the online casino market.

To stand out from the competition, the provider made a bet on mobile games. By offering an optimized version for smartphones in particular, ELK Studios gained a competitive edge. Its strategy: prioritize quality over quantity, combining technology, mathematics, and art.

In just a few years, the company expanded and became a reference in the market. Today, the publisher has nearly 80 employees and supplies dozens of online casinos. Its best games are indeed available on!

The world of ELK Studios games

Since its inception, ELK Studios has rolled out an avalanche of 88 online slot machines, averaging fewer than ten creations per year. This pace may seem modest compared to that of its rivals. However, it is precisely this meticulous approach that hits the mark. Each launch becomes an event in itself, a deliberately cultivated anticipation igniting players' excitement.

ELK Studios games are digital works of art, original universes rivaling the best video games on the market. Immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of Asia, the bustling streets of Mexico, the dazzling lights of Las Vegas, or even futuristic science fiction worlds with ELK Studios. It shapes diverse and always captivating gaming experiences. A true visual and sensory feast for all tastes!

The best ELK Studios slot machines available at GAMRFIRST


Welcome to a post-apocalyptic world where animal clans mercilessly clash to seize the precious green nitro that fuels their vehicles. The graphics, borrowed from the old-school aesthetic of comic books, immerse players in an elegantly crafted cyber-punk setting.

The effects and animations spare no effort, injecting a dose of pure excitement into every game round. The soundtrack evokes the surrounding chaos, intensifying players' immersion. What about the sound effects when a resounding victory is announced? The reels come to life, bonuses flood in, creating a symphony with every win.

With Nitropolis, get ready to be propelled into the heart of the action in this chaotic world where every game is an explosive adventure.

Buffalo Toro

If you want to explore the landscapes of North America while attempting to multiply your bets by 50,000x, Buffalo Toro is made for you!

With this highly popular title, Scandinavian publisher ELK Studios has made a strong impression. As usual, the aesthetics are impeccable, rivaling the gems of the gaming world. Buffalo Toro thus offers total immersion. It also reveals a range of entertaining features, highly coveted! These undeniable assets explain the triumph of this title among the demanding players of

Katmandu Gold

Launched on December 1, 2020, Katmandu Gold features Kane, a gold-seeking adventurer wishing to take a break after traversing the Nepalese mountains. He then stumbles upon an ancient temple filled with precious metal. No, this is not the latest Indiana Jones, but rather a very popular online slot machine offered by ELK Studios.

The scenery is breathtaking. In the background of the reels, rises a frozen, cold, dangerous mountainous landscape. On each side, two stone pillars carved with red dragons mark the entrance to the temple. The original soundtrack draws inspiration from Himalayan culture, creating a unique and highly motivating atmosphere. The rotation of the reels is accompanied by the crunching of snow underfoot. An immersive experience not to be missed!


Ready to defy gravity? Come try your luck at the Cygnus slot machine, available on!

On the way to an Egyptian pyramid, two majestic pillars emerge. In the sky, the stars of the Cygnus constellation twinkle. Between these imposing columns, the suspended reels display carefully crafted and original symbols. Number 7s, cats, camels, storks, each icon is sculpted in the style of Egyptian hieroglyphs, accompanied by shimmering gems in various hues.

The game unfolds in two captivating modes: the normal mode, initiating action with four lines, but also 4,096 winning combinations. Then the bonus mode, triggering a shower of free spins. The columns then extend majestically until reaching a peak of eight lines, thus opening the doors to 262,144 ways to win. This game transcends conventional boundaries to offer an epic experience.

Did you know? Cygnus is the name of a constellation located approximately 700 million light-years from Earth. It is best known for being perfectly aligned with the pyramids of Giza.

Book of Sam

Imagine a group of crazy trolls landing in Las Vegas... That's the explosive recipe of the Book of Sam slot machine by ELK Studios. This delirious cocktail blends the mysteries of ancient Egypt, the mischief of elves, with the excitement of the gambling city.

With a clean layout of five reels and ten non-negotiable paylines, this version does not hold back. The graphics, of exceptional quality, reveal original symbols in vibrant colors. They intertwine with dark reels adorned with golden touches, all set against the backdrop of neon signs or the city's sinuous casinos.

With this offbeat title, ELK Studios has managed to craft an enchanting blend of themes. It offers players an unparalleled slot machine experience in the world of online casinos.

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