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Air Racer

Crash games are undoubtedly the thrill of online gaming. Highly popular and exciting to play, they have become a favorite pastime for online casino enthusiasts. Prepare yourself for a captivating and enjoyable experience. Just like at your beloved Casino Barrière Montreux, dare to take on the challenge and bet on the perfect multiplier. So get ready, place your bets, and let the Crash game begin!

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Discover a thrilling online gaming experience with Gamanza's sensational Crash Game available on your online Casino

Crash Games offer an immersive and captivating experience thanks to the expertise of Gamanza.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of aerial racing and feel the adrenaline pumping at every moment! Get ready, my dear GAMRs, to experience some intense moments and to enter the world of Legend.

Crash Games origins

Crash Games have become an online Casino sensation due to the growing demand for exciting, interactive games.

Since 2014, they have been seducing players from all over the world in search of winnings and thrills on the most popular online Casinos. Games such as Rocket, Spaceman, Aviator, Bustabit, Cash it, Circus Launch, Cash Plane x5000, JetX and MoneyPot have captivated players. Today, proposes Crash Games, an interactive, secure and thrilling gaming experience in the world of chance, now available on the Swiss legal market.

Discover the pleasure of legal Crash Games on your online Casino with Air Racer from Gamanza Studios!

Different Crash Games

Crash Games, as offered by, have transformed the online gaming landscape.

Among them, DraftKings Rocket offers a rocket flight experience, where winnings are withdrawn before the "crash". Aviator, similarly, features a plane. Spaceman, illustrates an astronaut flying in space. Bustabit rewards players who stay in the game the longest. Gamanza Studios' Air Racer, the first game of its kind available on the Swiss legal market, adds a new dimension with its air racing concept.

With their dynamism and suspense, these Crash Games perfectly illustrate the future of online entertainment at Which Crash Game will you choose for your next trip to the winnings?

How to play Crash Games ?

Playing Gambling Crash Games is easy and accessible to everyone. Halfway between online slot games and live games, Gamanza's Air Racer game allows players to place the bet of their choice and collect the winnings when they think the plane is going to crash. If the plane crashes, the winnings are lost and the game stops.

Crash Games games are simple, but full of adrenalin and suspense, because you never know when the crash is going to happen! It's up to you to sharpen your reflexes to avoid crashes and multiply your winnings.