The Hunt: GAMRFIRST's new advertising campaign

GAMRFIRST hits hard with a hilarious and spectacular advertising campaign. The message is clear: the online casino is doing everything possible to offer players the chance to find their own happiness. The hunt is on!

The Hunt, an advertising sport with Hollywood looks

A dark night, a forest, men armed to the teeth, howling dogs, the scene is set. Worthy of the greatest Hollywood adventure films. Yet, it is nothing of the sort. This is the latest commercial campaign from online casinos GAMRFIRST, created by FAMILY Agency and directed by Lonan Garcia of Papaya Films.

Recall that Papaya Films is a production company based in London, Lisbon, Warsaw, and New York. It is responsible for numerous commercials for major companies such as McDonald's, Netflix, and Ikea. As for Family Agency, located in Switzerland, it handles advertising campaigns for major brands such as Watson or Credit Suisse.

In this humorous ad, an exceptional team, composed of outstanding hunters, sets out on a ruthless hunt. Their prey? The anthropomorphic symbols of slot machines. Lucky, Cherry, and other "Slotys," hidden in the secret corners of the forest, are now forced to be more vigilant. The relentless GAMRFIRST is on their trail.

This GAMRFIRST advertising campaign has not finished making headlines. The Hunt has been nominated for the official Swiss commission film award in the "Corporate Communication 2.1 2.1 Brand/Films of an enterprise" category. A well-deserved collective success!

A campaign focused on the player experience

The Hunt emphasizes GAMRFIRST's priority: to offer players an exceptional gaming experience. The online casino hunts chance, catches it and hands it over to its clients. It is up to them to turn it into a Jackpot in a friendly, secure, and entertaining environment.

GAMRFIRST thus rises to the top of the industry by creating an atmosphere where pleasure and excellence meet. Players can experience the excitement of online gaming under the best possible conditions.

This 360-degree campaign is currently being broadcasted throughout Switzerland. In addition to the main two-minute film, shorter web versions, a TV spot, and various screen advertisements are available. And it's not over yet! The new adventures of the "Slotys" will be revealed in the coming months.