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Play online blackjack at GAMRFIRST

The GAMRFIRST online casino invites you to discover its blackjack tables. Do you dare to live a unique and playful experience and become our new legendary player?

In order to provide a moment of excellent quality games, GAMRFIRST works with the best game developers. Our blackjack tables offer an immersive experience thanks to the know-how of Microgaming and iSoftBet.

The Microgaming supplier establishes himself as one of the best in online casino games. It offers an excellent definition and an incomparable fluidity of play. iSoftBet, meanwhile, was one of the first developers to obtain a partnership with an authorized online casino in Switzerland.

At GAMRFIRST, we believe that an excellent GAMR, such as yourself, deserves the most advanced in online blackjack. That’s why we only work with the best developers.

Blackjack: its history

To understand why blackjack is the hallmark of casino card games, you have to go back to the origins of the game. It appeared in the French gaming rooms at the end of the 17th century. It is known as "twenty-one" or blackjack. The nobility and the bourgeoisie enjoyed playing this card game with its short games and easy to remember rules.

Unlike what the English name might suggest, blackjack was not exported to the United States until later. As a matter of fact, French immigrants introduced it in the 19th century. Unfortunately, it was not as successful as expected.

The card game became popular, only in the 20th century, with the general public.

The origin of the black jack game

Unlike the popular belief that the "black jack" is a purely a French creation, blackjack would be an improved version of an Italian entertainment. Trentuno was already played in Italy in the 15th century. The objective of the game was to get 31 points by adding the value of the cards to win the round.

Blackjack nowadays

The 21 is one of the most popular games in casinos, but also online. Reintroduced on French casino tables after 1969, the craze for the black jack is growing and gaining new followers. On GAMRFIRST, you will have access to exceptional online table games.

Types of online blackjack

You can play different types of online blackjack, at your online casino. You can choose between one-hand blackjack, multi-hand blackjack or live blackjack.

The One Time Mode

As the name suggests, the game of 21 in one hand, or simple hand, is played with only one hand. Following contractual rules of the black jack game, this version is the oldest, but also the fastest. To win, the principle is easy. You have to count the number of points you have in your hand. Each card has its own value. You will have to add up your cards and get as close as possible to the sum 21 without ever exceeding it.

The multi hand mode

To thrill you, GAMRFIRST invites you to its multi-hand Blackjack tables. While the principle remains the same : to get 21 points and win the bank, the multi-hand mode has a few subtleties. Depending on the Blackjack variant you play, you can have up to 5 hands. This game mode is played exclusively online.

After placing a bet with his chips, the player must defeat the bank to collect his winnings. The multi-hand mode is perfect for the confident player who wants to spice up the game a bit. The multi-hand introduces a dose of action, dynamism and surprise.

Live blackjack

Le jeu de cartes du 21 The 21 live card game captures the mood and atmosphere that you would find at a table in a physical casino. Live tables are operated by a real dealer, unlike traditional online games. You will be able to look at him dealing the cards for a more immersive and realistic game experience. Other connected players also participate in the game.

Live blackjack is ideal for the player who wants to have fun like at the Casino Barrière Montreux, but without leaving the comfort of their home. Furthermore, since the online casino GAMRFIRST holds a Swiss license issued by CFMJ, it is a guarantee of seriousness and security in itself. You can play live blackjack as if you were in a real casino room.

So, are you ready to accept the invitation for a unique experience with our live blackjack tables?

Blackjack : rules and gameplay

The card game 21 comes in different versions such as European variant, American variant, and Blackjack Switch. You will also find Surrender, Double Exposure, or Free Bet Blackjack. All of these games have their own specificities. All of these games have their own specificities. To make the game more accessible to novices, GAMRFIRST presents you with the rules of the traditional version of black jack.

What are the rules of blackjack?

The rules of the original game are quite simple to put into practice. The goal is to match the point value of the cards you have and get as close as possible to the sum of 21 points without ever exceeding it.

Les valeurs de cartes sont les suivantes :

  • Les chiffres correspondent à leurs propres valeurs
  • Les têtes (valets, dames, rois) valent 10 points
  • L’as vaut 1 ou 11 points, en fonction de la variante du jeu auquel vous vous adonnez.

To achieve a Blackjack, you must hold a hand of two cards, whose sum is 21. This can be a face card (10 points) and an Ace (11 points).

To start the game, players place their bets, and then cards are dealt to each player. Two cards are dealt face up to each player, and two other cards are placed in the center of the game. One remains face down while the other is face up.

Depending on their hand and strategy, each player can take the following actions :

  • Request an additional card: hit. However, the sum of their cards in hand must not exceed 21
  • Stay on their hand: stand
  • Double their initial bet: double down
  • Split their cards: split. In the case of cards of identical values, the player can decide to bet again and be dealt another hand. The two hands are independent of each other.

Play blackjack on GAMRFIRST and become a legend!