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The world of online casino is constantly reinventing itself, offering players innovative and exciting experiences. Among the newcomers that are increasingly captivating enthusiasts, online arcade games stand out for their unique gameplay compared to classic slot machines.

At GAMRFIRST, we take pride in offering you our selection of arcade games.

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Why indulge in our arcade games?

3 good reasons to try arcade games:

An alternative to classic slot machines

Arcade games offer a refreshing experience for those seeking an alternative to traditional slot machines. With more interactive gameplay mechanics and stimulating challenges, they represent an appealing option for players in search of novelty.

Potential gains

Our arcade games offer entertaining experiences and winning possibilities. Equipped with innovative features and enticing bonuses, for the luckiest players. If you enjoy the excitement of potential winnings, our arcade games will satisfy you. However, always remember that the pleasure of playing should always be your top priority.

Modern and high-quality universes and graphics

Our arcade games stand out for their rich universes and high-quality modern graphics. Designed to fully immerse players in the atmosphere, they offer varied themes and polished animations that guarantee an unparalleled gaming experience without compromising the style of arcade machines.

Discover: Air Racer and Wanted 5

Air Racer

Air Racer is the aviation-themed mini-game that stands out. In this emblematic game of Crash Games, players take control of a racing plane launched at full speed. The central principle of the game revolves around a crucial decision: determining the right moment to stop the plane. Too early, and you risk missing opportunities to maximize your score; too late, and the plane may lose control, veering off the track and ending the game. This simple but deeply captivating gameplay mechanic creates an exhilarating experience where every second counts.

Wanted 5

Wanted 5 plunges players into the role of a brave sheriff tasked with tracking down the most wanted criminals of the Wild West. In this game, your goal is to spot the outlaws among a crowd of suspects, whose faces are hidden under hats. Unable to see them, you must defy luck to identify and neutralize the criminals. Each success brings you closer to greater rewards, but you must avoid mistakes that could compromise your mission.

Other popular arcade games

Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot

Relive the frenzy of street fights with the classic Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot. This game reinvents the timeless 90s into a dynamic slot machine, where each spin can trigger epic battles between the iconic characters of Street Fighter. Choose your fighter and engage in thrilling duels to try to increase your winnings. With graphics faithful to the original game and innovative bonus mechanics, this game promises a nostalgic experience, so who will be the best street fighter?

Turbo Plinko

Inspired by the famous game show in the USA, The Price Is Right, Turbo Plinko offers a simple yet captivating experience. Players drop balls from the top of a studded board, watching the unpredictable path they take before landing on various prize slots. With its minimalist yet playful approach, Plinko entices with its potential for instant winnings and its ability to keep players on the edge of their seats with each drop.

Big Bass Crash

Prepare your fishing net for an aquatic adventure with Big Bass Crash. This game combines the excitement of fishing with the suspense of slot machines to offer a unique experience. Cast your net and catch the biggest fish to reveal hidden bonuses and multipliers, but stop before the crash! With vibrant graphics and an immersive soundtrack, Big Bass Crash is a refreshing escapade that can lead to great rewards for lucky fishermen, provided they don't get too greedy!


Spaceman takes you on an intergalactic adventure where every decision counts. You play as an astronaut exploring space, with increasing winnings as you progress. However, be careful: you could lose everything in the interstellar void. This game tests your luck. For those who prefer to play it safe, Spaceman offers the option to cash out 50% of the winnings obtained so far.


FlyX is a simple arcade game where the hero takes off, and your goal is to stop him before he becomes out of sight. In FlyX, the focus is on the essentials: go as far as possible and cash out your winnings before landing. Even the background, a completely black backdrop, is designed to allow you to focus on this goal without distractions.

Space Miners

Space Miners plunges you into the role of an interstellar explorer searching for precious resources on distant planets. Dig through alien terrains to discover gems and minerals that will translate into winnings. The more you dig, the more likely you are to find treasures. With its immersive universe and stunning graphics, Space Miners is a captivating adventure that blends exploration and rewards.

Each of the upcoming games on GAMRFIRST promises a unique experience, blending classic arcade elements with modern innovations to create unforgettable gaming experiences.